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New Workbook for Cryptomania!

Cryptomania Cover Student workbook
to pair with Cryptomania!
300 Greek/Latin roots (Meets CCSS)

New eBook for Writers

Jump Froggies Cover New to writing for children?
This ebook is for you.

Greetings Bibliophiles

Calling all book lovers! Learn more. Dig deeper.

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About Edith

Author Edith Fine

I'm crazy about books! I grew up reading books under the covers with a flashlight. I still read voraciously. Current projects include a student workbook to go with Cryptomania and an eBook for folks brand new to children's writing. Stay tuned.

When I'm not writing or reading, you'll find me swimming or walking, baking, or making soup. Between plants and flowers, I grow vegetables! I watch old-timey movies, have fun with my family, email pals around the country, do Sudokus, compost and recycle (call me the "Recycling Queen"), and work toward fairness and justice for all on this small blue marble we call home.


Barbara McClintock Gary Paulsen book cover

These two previously-published biographies are now available as eBooks with color photos and cool links:


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