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Gary Paulsen: Author and Wilderness Adventurer

A Spotlight Biography eBook by Edith Hope Fine

Gary Paulsen Coverby Edith Hope Fine

Gary Paulsen has had more lives than a cat! His award-winning books, based on a wealth of personal experience, come from the heart.

Author Gary Paulsen writes books young people love to read. Against all odds, Gary Paulsen has become a popular, prolific children's writer. Known for his best-selling Hatchet, a Newbery Honor winner, Paulsen has more than two hundred books to his credit. He has run the Iditarod, lived through violent sea storms, been chased by a moose, worked picking crops like beets, had jobs at carnivals, been blown off a mountain, plunged through lake ice in the dead of winter, witnessed a shark attack, and had his pants catch fire while training his dogs! The result is gripping books young people love to read: mystery, history, memoir, adventure, survival, and humor—he's done them all.

Now a Spotlight Biography eBook. For this biography I read many of Paulsen's books—I'm a bibliophile, so that was a great just plain fun. It's been exciting to add live links and color photos to this updated version of the original biography.


. . . Fine does truly get Paulsen's essence, and she effectively communicates the immense appeal he holds-especially for teenage boys. She marches the reader smartly through Paulsen's life to date and makes efficient use of his interviews, speeches, and letters. . . . Paulsen's life experiences and distinctive voice come through loud and clear and both are central to this biography's readability. Anyone new to Paulsen and his work will find a clearly blazed trail to map future reading, while Paulsen's fans will experience an acute desire to reach for a favorite book.
Kirkus Reviews
Edith Hope Fine has done an outstanding job on this biography of Gary Paulsen. She balanced his tough life with his hard work and work ethic, getting just the right blend for readers to develop a sense of him. . . . Teachers and librarians will be thrilled to find a great biography on this fascinating and favorite author.
—Helen Foster James
children’s book author
former adjunct professor
Fine describes the different aspects of her subject's life in equal measure, never losing track of the adventures that inform most, if not all, of Paulsen's work . . . Those who have read Paulsen's books are sure to enjoy this brilliant biography, and those who have not will definitely be inspired to look for them.
—School Library Journal

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