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Rosa Parks: Meet a Civil Rights Hero
by Edith Hope Fine

What an honor it was to write this five-chapter Rosa Parks biography for younger readers. My hope is that young readers discover that Rosa Parks is much more than a single incident on a Montgomery bus. Along with an inviting format and lots of photos, the book includes a glossary, time line, and resources.

Growing up in a segregated society, Rosa picked cotton, went to school with other black children, and drank from separate drinking fountains. A bright child, she could read by the time she was four years old. She grew up listening to the stories of terrible things that happened to her fellow blacks in the south. As an adult, Rosa Parks worked for justice and fairness long before that key December day when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white person.

Rosa Parks considered herself an ordinary person, but she's known the world around as someone who changed the course of history. Today we call Rosa Parks the Mother of the Civil Rights Movement.

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. . . this clear biography in the Meeting Famous People series shows that Parks was a longtime political activist . . . The short, clear text and the spacious design, with big type and lots of pictures of segregation and protest, make this a fine introduction to the person and the political history.

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