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Sleepytime Me

Sleepytime Me coverWritten by Edith Hope Fine
Illustrated by Christopher Denise
  • 2015 Paterson Prize
  • A "little gem of a book . . ." -School Library Journal

Splashy sunset paints the sky.
Shy moon tiptoes, climbs up high . . .

Daylight is fading and night is drawing in. Time for bed. The wide world settles down, coming ever closer to home with good-night hugs and kisses for a little sleepyhead. Richly painted, evocative scenes illuminate the text, imbuing the whole with a sense of comfort and warmth, making this a bedtime story to treasure for all time.

Over the course of twenty years, Sleepytime Me evolved, gliding from 1500+ words to 138. Christopher Denise’s sumptuous illustrations prove that our Random House editor was right when she said, "Christopher is a genius with light."

Reader Reviews

  • Readers are using words like lulling, magical, soothing, peaceful . . . and—parents and grandparents will love this—soporific! Perfect for little ones at the end of the day.
  • "My new go-to favorite for baby showers."
  • "A lyrical journey to bedtime."
  • "Simply lovely."
  • "Great for baby showers."
  • "The words paint a picture and the pictures tell a story—lovely, lyrical, evocative."
  • "Quietly enchanting."

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