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Water, Weed, and Wait

Water, Weed, and Wait coverWritten by Edith Hope Fine
and Angela Demos Halpin
Illustrated by Colleen Madden

Water. Weed, and Wait celebrates the wonders of creating a school garden.
Dig in!

When Miss Marigold challenges the kids at Pepper Lane Elementary to turn an unpromising patch of their schoolyard into a garden full of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, they know they'll need all the help they can get. Soon everyone in the community is lending a hand–including an unlikely neighbor with a soft spot for gardening–and it isn't long before peppers, zucchini, sugar peas, snapdragons, zinnias, and much more are growing and blooming.

This book came about because a San Diego Master Gardener told us they needed a book about school gardens. With school gardens blooming nationwide, we were happy to oblige.

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Growing Good Kids Award

Growing Good Kids Book Award

Water, Weed, and Wait received a 2011 Growing Good Kids Book Award from Junior Master Gardeners.
Junior Master Gardeners!

Experiment! Plant Potatoes

Grow your own potatoes! Cut up potatoes with sprouted eyes. Plant. Water. Dig up. Yum!

plant potatoes

Phototropic Experiment

Coolest thing ever. Found this on the Internet. Tape two offset "shelves" into a shoebox; make an opening at the top. Start a lima bean plant. Keep box closed except when watering. Tried it. It worked!

photo = light
trop = turn

A phototropic plant turns toward the sun.

phototropic plant experiment phototropic plant experiment phototropic plant experiment

What's Growing in YOUR Garden?

Let us know

At the Mary Plassmeyer Friendship Garden in Leucadia, California, students at Paul Ecke Central are now growing produce to sell at the weekly Farmers Market. Math, Science, Language Arts, Econ., all rolled into one.


Our School Garden

A Good Pair

Do you dig school gardens? Here's Rick Swann's new book, illustrated by the multi-talented Christy Hale, a good book to partner with Water, Weed, and Wait.
Published by Readers to Eaters.

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