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Join me in working toward fairness and justice for all on this small blue marble we call home.

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I grew up reading books under the covers with a flashlight.

I still gobble up books and write them, too, and I help others become strong writers.

I love to swim, bake, grow tomatoes, and have fun with friends and family, who call me the “Recycling Queen.”
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My Books

My books open worlds of curiosity, empathy, adventure, and learning to young readers and adults.
Armando and the Blue Tarp School book cover Barbara McClintock book cover Cricket at the Manger book cover
CryptoMania! book cover  Greek and Latin for CryptoManiacs! book cover Gary Paulsen book cover
Jump, Froggies! book cover Martin Luther King, Jr. book cover
Nitty-Gritty Grammar book cover More Nitty-Gritty Grammar book cover Rosa Parks book cover
Sleepytime Me book cover Under the Lemon Moon book cover Water, Weed, and Wait book cover



Print out these fun activities!

1) Download and print the PDF.

2) Make the eight tetrahedrons.

3) Fasten the tetrahedrons in a loop.

tetra = four   |   hedr = side
Download PDF

1) Download and print PDF pattern (with roots or write-your-own).

2) Construct a Create-a-Critter Spinner.

3) Choose a root from each wheel, big to small.

4) Draw and color the critter you created!

5) Write a story about your critter.

Download PDF

Spinner Example

Spinner Example

Megacyanodactyl: Grade 2

Megacyanodactyl: Grade 2 Image

Tricyanopod: Grade 3

Tricyanopod: Grade 3 Image

Megaceratosaur: Grade 4

Megaceratosaur: Grade 4 Image

Octopterasaur: Grade 5

Octopterasaur: Grade 5 Image

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